Churches of Nazareth

Hello, Nazarene!

                Nazareth is a city that bears no introduction. After all, what can we say about Jesus’ home town that has not been common knowledge for anyone for the past two millennia? But even though the town is well heard of, some of its attractions remain a mystery- no surprise for a city so jam packed with history. In this post, we want to focus a bit on the lesser known, yet amazing, churches you could see in Nazareth.

                Chapel of Fright

In Luke 4:29-30 we hear an amazing story: Jesus, preaching His word, arouses anger in the people of Nazareth and is nearly thrown off a cliff while his holy mother Mary is watching. On the spot where Mary watched that scene and also the miracle of her son not dying now stands the Chapel of Fright, which reminds us of exactly how hard and threatening Jesus’ way actually was. This chapel is not as big as some of the other chapels in Nazareth, but it isn’t for that reason any less important.


                The Shuk

                The Shuk, meaning the market, is a welcome change of pace in a day filled to the brim with religion. Full of lively colors, the sounds of prayer from nearby chapels, many resturaunts and cafes and of course, many stores, the Shuk is one of the most exuberant places in all of Nazareth. Come here if you want to get Nazareth gifts for your friends back home or just for the sake of relaxation.


                St. Joseph’s Church

                Being the earthly father of Jesus Christ must have been hard on Joseph, but he was a good man and is remembered as a true servant of God, a good father and also a good carpenter. Though today he is not quite as prominent in this town as Jesus, St. Jospeh’s church is said to be standing at the same place as his old carpentry shop once stood. The church is adorned with beautiful art, and is a great place to ponder about the true meaning of fatherhood and Godly will.


                Salesian Church of Jesus the Adolescent

                This Gothic church is one of the most beautiful in Nazareth, but sadly because it requires a long climb it is perhaps not as popular as other churches in the city. If you’re willing to climb those 250 steps to get there, though, you’ll be getting more than just an amazing looking church: you’ll get the best view of Nazareth there is.


                Other Attractions:

Where to Eat: Tibis is a meat restaurant in Vered Hagalil that combines the great beef of northern Israel (which is the best in the country) with affordable prices. The new chic kitchen by chef Haim Tibi is one of the north’s greatest culinary prides. Location: Vered Hagalil resort farm.

Where to sleep: Tiberius, a Christian city of notice by the Sea of Galilee, offers a wide array of great hospitals. Check out the Kinnereth Waves Hotel by Rimonim. Location: 1 Eliezer Kaplan st., Tiberius.


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