Israel's lowlands, known as the Shfela, is home to many important churches and biblical events, and is a must see area for any person who wishes to learn more about the history of the church. From the ancient city of Emmaus where Jesus appeared to His disciples after His resurrection to current day silent monasteries, the Christian scene in this area is one of the most vibrant and interesting in the holy land.

Amongst the beautiful surroundings and open pastures of the Shfela, where the clerical movement emerged and the great kings trod, some of the most fascinating aspects of the story of Christianity will be revealed to you. We took it on ourselves to tell you about the many significant sites you can encounter as well as introduce you to the interesting local culture, the biblical context and even the social environment.

The Shfela is a place for Christian explorers, to those who wish to go beyond the obvious and interact with Israel and God on a more personal level, and see some of the important churches and monasteries other Christians always miss. In this place, you come to enjoy the profound silence, the view, the land, the connection. If your soul is thirsty for the Lord, the Shfela is where many have found Him. This is one of the places that will stay with you for as long as you live.