Central Israel is the home of Tel Aviv, the greatest metropolis in the middle east, and a prime vacation and commerce location to travelers of all kinds. If you come to central Israel for either work or amusement, there are plenty of ways to combine Christianity in your visit without having to go too far.

Central Israel is significant for the works of the apostles and mainly of Peter, who performed many miracles in the area. Central Israel also holds a place of importance in pilgrimage history as the location of entry into the holy land by sea, and was the background to countless crusader battles. In many ways, the Christian history of central Israel is the history of Christianity itself.

Central Israel is packed with many amazing churches, which are sure to capture the eyes, hearts and minds of all who visit them. We will tell you about the ones that you absolutely must see.

If you stop by Tel Aviv and know that regardless of what you are doing there is always a place for God and His holy word, we are here for you. That is the Christian Tel Aviv you have never heard off, and won't ever stop telling people about.