The southern part of Israel is known as the Negev, a vast desert that covers a great amount of the territory and was very influential during biblical times. Sadly, though the Negev holds many important and unique Christian sites, it has been neglected by many Christian who flock to the more popular areas. However, this does not mean that the Negev is not worth the time of the Christian traveler: it just means that there is still more to be discovered.

So what is there to see in southern Israel? How about the ancient city of Ashkelon, home of the mighty Samson, or Shivta, an ancient Christian town which is a UNESCO heritage site? What about Be'er Sheva, the city founded by Abraham? So many events of significance happened in southern Israel that they are too many to count.

This is your chance to see a part of Israel which many tourists ignore, a part which is perhaps not as well-known but not any less important or amazing. The fact is, it is important more Christians visit these parts to get to know the full picture of Christianity in Israel. Read more to find out exactly what you can expect to encounter in one of the most intriguing areas of the holy country. The Churches of the Negev awaits.